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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Shop-Vac Corporation has received numerous inquiries about filtration materials in its products.  This communication is meant to answer such inquiries.

First, the filter materials used in the vacuum cleaners are for no purpose other than to protect the end users of Shop Vac products from particles or debris being expelled back into the ambient air during operation.  They are in no way designed or intended to protect humans from bacteria, viruses or other pathogens.  Second, direct contact or coverage of the human mouth or nose with the filter materials are strictly forbidden for any purpose.  Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to make a mask or mask material from any filters manufactured, sold or distributed in the market for or by Shop-Vac Corporation.  These materials were not designed, intended or designated for this type of use.  Please consult the CDC website for more information at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

Skip Navigation LinksHome > Shop-Vac Vacuums > Consumer Series > Shop-Vac 16 U.S. Gallon* (60.5 Litre) 6.5 Peak HP** SVX2 High Performance Wet / Dry Vacuum - Catalog No. 59874
Shop-Vac 16 U.S. Gallon* (60.5 Litre) 6.5 Peak HP** SVX2 High Performance Wet / Dry Vacuum - Catalog No. 59874
High performance wet dry vac series. British Columbia purchases will incur a $2.50 Environmental Handling fee for this product.
*Free shipping applies to online orders only.
Catalog No.: 59874
Model No.: SS16-SQ650
Price :
Specifications of Shop-Vac 16 U.S. Gallon* (60.5 Litre) 6.5 Peak HP** SVX2 High Performance Wet / Dry Vacuum - Catalog No. 59874
Peak HP : 6.5 Peak HP**
Capacity : 16 Gallons*(US) 60.5 Liters
Tool Diameter : 2.5"
Filters : Cartridge Filter (90304, Type U), Foam Sleeve (90585, Type R), 15-22 Gallon* Disposable Filter Bag (90663, Type G)
Accessories : 8-foot by 2.5-inch diameter hose (90503), two 2.5-inch diameter extension wands (90684), 14-inch wet/dry floor nozzle (90677), 14-inch brush shoe, 14-inch squeegee shoe, crevice tool (90678), tool storage bag with wall hook
Warranty : 5 Years
Cord Length : 12-Foot (3.7m)
Hose Length : 8-Foot (2.4m)
Hose Fit : Friction
Tank : Poly
Tools : Poly
Blower Port : Yes
Detachable Blower : No
Drain : Yes
Handheld : No
Hose Storage : No
Pump : No
Tool Storage : Yes
Wall Mount : No
Motor :

SVX2 System is a Single-Stage Bi-pass motor (One vacuum fan)

Single stage vacuum motors use one impeller. This unit has been specifically designed to be the high end unit in the single stage system. This motor technology runs at an increased speed and has a specially balanced airflow design to achieve the maximum air performance possible. Increased Sealed lift that is comparable to a low end two stage while delivering a high airflow (CFM) to be one of the highest performances in the Wet/Dry vacuum industry.

Cubic Feet Per Minute : 150 CFM
Sealed Pressure : 72 PSI
Air Watts : 370
Electrical : 120V 60Hz 12A
Certification : cULus
Country of Origin : Assembled in U.S.A. of U.S. and Global Components
Performance Testing : ASTM tested with a 2.5-inch diameter Shop-Vac® hose.