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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Shop-Vac Corporation has received numerous inquiries about filtration materials in its products.  This communication is meant to answer such inquiries.

First, the filter materials used in the vacuum cleaners are for no purpose other than to protect the end users of Shop Vac products from particles or debris being expelled back into the ambient air during operation.  They are in no way designed or intended to protect humans from bacteria, viruses or other pathogens.  Second, direct contact or coverage of the human mouth or nose with the filter materials are strictly forbidden for any purpose.  Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to make a mask or mask material from any filters manufactured, sold or distributed in the market for or by Shop-Vac Corporation.  These materials were not designed, intended or designated for this type of use.  Please consult the CDC website for more information at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

Skip Navigation LinksHome > Shop-Vac Vacuums > Vac Filters & Accessories > Collection Filter Bags > Type E - 9066100 - Shop-Vac 5-8 U.S. Gallon* (18.9-30.3 Litre*) Filter Bags (3 Pack)
Type E - 9066100 - Shop-Vac 5-8 U.S. Gallon* (18.9-30.3 Litre*) Filter Bags (3 Pack)
Easy to use and install, these Shop-Vac® filter bags come in a package of three and can be used for your everyday pick up needs of dirt and debris.
*Free shipping applies to online orders only.
Catalog No.: 9066100
Model No.: Type E Medium Filtration
Price :